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Friday, November 9, 2007



Sometimes it is a good idea to assess your fitness level. You don't need to spend a lot of dough and have a trainer put you through the wringer. There are some great tests you can do in the comfort of your own home. The test explained below you can do in the comfort of your own bed!
Resting Heart Rate TestAssess: Level of Aerobic Fitness

The number of times your heart beats per minute, when you are at rest, indicates the strength and efficiency of your cardiovascular system. A strong heart is able to pump more blood with every beat, so you want a low resting heart heart (RHR). A lower RHR tends to correspond with a higher aerobic fitness level. Let's take seven time winner of the Tour de France
Lance Armstrong as an example. Rumor has it that at the peak of his career Lance's RHR was only 32 beats per minute.
To see how to do the test just
Take your pulse first thing in the morning, by placing two fingers on your wrist.
Count the number of beats you feel in 60 seconds. When counting, do
count the first beat as zero.
The number of beats you count in 60 seconds is your RHR.
What the numbers mean:
60 or less = Good
61-80 = Average
81-100 = High, but acceptable
101 or more = Abnormally high and not good!
The great thing about this test is that as your RHR lowers you know you are getting more fit!

BUT, to make it easier for you, wait for our next health device, it will do the counting for you.